Fogged up cloudy looking windows is miserable; never can get them clean. Most sealed units can be changed very easily; leads, Georgian bars, obscures glass, or just fancy a change. I just need to measure up for accurate pricing. 

Window hinges can fail causing gaps and draughts. In some cases they leaks or the window begins to fall out. It’s a simple and quick job to replace them, giving you peace of mind and a draught free room. Upgrade to fire escape hinges if needed for building regulations. Just call for an appointment.

Security for peace of mind is essential. If the lock is sticking or has jammed shut completely; floppy handles or just need new keys? Sourcing what you need so your security is how it should be is what I do.


If your having trouble getting in or out of your door, it could just simply be out of alignment. Rubbing, sticking or slamming it shouldn’t be needed. Realigning your door is quick and easy. Refresh with some new handles and yours doors will work like new again.